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AI Breast Exam Trainer

Essential Palpation Course

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MammaCare BSE Instructor Certification

Learn to teach the MammaCare Breast Self-Exam to women in group and community settings.

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The MammaCare Breast Self-Examination (BSE) Instructor Course is available to women’s health care professionals who want to offer BSE workshops in their communities. The nine-hour, skill-based course is divided into two modules: pre-training (self-study) and one-on-one video conference training with the Certified MammaCare instructor.

The pre-training module contains a combination of online instructional and practical examination sessions. Trainees learn the scientifically validated components of the MammaCare Method of Breast Examination, practice palpating tactually accurate breast models, complete relevant breast health tutorials and quizzes, review the “MammaCare BSE Workshop Presentation” video, and prepare to present the workshop PowerPoint presentation to the Certified MammaCare Instructor.

One-on-one training sessions are conducted via video conference with the instructor. Trainees demonstrate examination skills and present the “MammaCare BSE Workshop” community PowerPoint.

“Great information provided during the learning phase. Was easy to fit the learning modules into the free time during my day. Loved the interactive zoom session and feedback gained during the final session.”

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– Graduate from Blessing Hospital

“This course was great! I felt supported along the way and learned so much. I’m very happy I chose to do this not only for myself but for all those I will help along the way.”

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– Graduate from Canada

“The training was great! I feel like I finally know how (and I do) to do a self breast exam. And even better I can now teach other women to do it. I feel like this is a huge wonderful tool I’ve been given.”

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– Graduate from Thermography of Wisconsin

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The MammaCare® Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to training every hand that examines a woman, including her own. The MammaCare Method is the recognized standard for performing and teaching clinical and personal breast examination. MammaCare provides clinical certification services and high-fidelity simulation-based training.


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